Friday, January 14, 2011

Paeroa A&P 15th Jan 2011

Feck it was HOT!!!!!! Feel like I could soak in a cold bath for the next week. Jessie came and picked us up on her way down with Scotty and both boys travelled well. Its the farthest I've travelled Star in a float since I've got him. Hes DEFINATELY getting better with this whole show thing now YIPPY!!!!! Doesnt give a rats arse about the other horses inhand and for this show I decided to ride him in it. Our first ridden A&P aaarrrhhhh. BUT he was a really good boy. No sign of any tanty fits.
Couldnt be fagged taking a photo at the show - just wanted to rehydrate myself and Star, cool down and get home. So thought I better take a photo at the farm before taking his plaits out. All he wanted was his dinner thank you very much.

He ended up coming home with 3 ribbons. Its all dependant on the judge on the day and some you kick butt and others you come home empty. So far he hasnt come home empty at all which is awesome. He got 3rd Gelding 6yrs and over, 2nd Best Head (those two were inhand) and 3rd Best Walking Horse (ridden). We only did 4 classes ridden (one of which was best presented - in which I wasnt 'correct' turnout gear wise compared to others).

The one thing that amazed both Jessie and myself was that there were no 'other' attractions at Paeroa only the horse events. Small towns for you. How many of the A&P's around dont have gate entry fees to pay? Not exactly the most organised show I've been too either.

Next show is Franklin A&P on Sunday 20th Feb, then Kumeu A&P on the 12/13th March and finally will be doing the Easter Show. Will brave the ridden at Franklin and see how we go. Know hes not going to be a superstar in the ridden section but he needs the milage. Star is improving with each show hes going to - oh the joys of having a young horse aye. Have decided not to do the North Island SB Assoc Show in Feb. Starts like 9am and its in Tauranga which means we would either have to drive down the night before and camp out or get up before the sparrows fart - nah dont think so - me like my sleep.

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