Sunday, February 21, 2010

Franklin A&P Show

Sorry didnt get any photos as dopey me forgot not only Stars show bridle but also forgot the camera.

He was such a good boy this time around, relaxed quite quickly and only had a short period of 'oooohhh look' and that was when having sheep races on. He settled down really well and unlike Clevedon we could leave him at the float afterwards while we buggered off and got something to drink and look around. Got back to the float and I'm sure we woke him up from a nap.

Learnt one thing though - dont be in 2 different breed classes that overlap - makes for major juggling and running between rings. We did both Standardbred and Sport Horse. Came home with 2 ribbons (and prize money - love A&P's for that 'grin'). He got 3rd for Gelding 4yrs and over in both Standardbred and Sport Horse. Very pleased with the Sport Horse one!

Thought the judge in the SB ring was never going to finish each class as she took AGES!!! Fun when you are in one ring and looking at the ring beside you and knowing that the next class is yours and judge is slowly making their way half way though the one you are in.

On a whole was very pleased with how he behaved. Definately one of the better ones there. All four legs stayed where they should have been and no dragging me off in all directions like some poor people had.