Friday, March 11, 2011

Kumeu A&P 12th March 2011

Sorry dont have any photos as I think my slave for the day didnt press hard enough on the button and the last couple of important photos that were taken arent there (the one with the ribbons on his neck). The others taken are on my little pocket camera and it has crappy zoom. The ones I do have I'm a spot somewhere in the photo.

Anyway even when the judge doesnt like Stars type - as in the boofier more hunter type (you know the big boned brick shit house) they still cant overlook him and he still gets placed. Hes at least very consistant and coming home with placings at every show so far. Out of 8 classes (4 ridden and 4 inhand) we came home with 6 ribbons (with 5 of those in the money). We got 1 x 2nd Showmanship Senior Handler, 4 x 3rd Best Present In-Hand, Best Present Ridden, Best Walking Horse and Novice 0-5 Wins, and 1 x 4th Gelding 6-14yrs.

He was a really really good boy in the ridden. No tanty fits, no bucks and was really good with the canter we even got the right led on both reins.