Friday, April 22, 2011

Royal Easter Show 22nd April 2011

Star was very well behaved considering what I put the poor bugger through going there and back. Hes such a good boy and just doesn't panic when other horses would. Just stayed nice and calm. On the way there along Greenlane Rd West the hand brake flipped on and jammed the brakes on the float so he had a very jerky ride for a about 1/2km until we got to the gate and figured out what it was (thought it was the old tank at first). Then coming home afterwards at the lights just after the showgrounds and before Gth Sth Rd I braked a bit too hard at the lights and Star went half under the front bar and was sitting down in the float. Just looked at me to say 'um mum I'm a wee bit stuck!'. Had to undo the back bars and pull the divider out to get him back on his feet. Not once did he get stressed, sweat up or panic. Even when we got home he wasn't sweating up or worried about the float. Just took is time coming off. Now if that was Joey like hell would I be getting him anywhere near a float in the future and he would have been drenched when we got back.

But at the show we did quite well. Still feel we should have placed in Best Presented inhand (and so did a few on the side line) but nope. We got 1st Gelding 6-14yrs, 1st Novice ridden and 2nd Best Walking Horse ridden. And to boot we also got Reserve Champ ridden too. I got a wide at the Easter Show weehee!!!!! I like wide ribbons - can get very use to them. There is one photo that sums its up very well. We got WET!! In the novice through to champion class it absolutely poured down. The rest of the day the rain was on slightly then off then on again.

So far he has not come home empty handed. Not too bad a way to start off his showing career. This is his first season out competing under saddle so pretty good for him to get Reserve Champ at the Easter Show. No more shows until about September/October which is the Winter Woolies Show.


KA said...

Well done guys!!! What a fantastic result!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just droping by to wish a Merry Christmas and Joyous Holiday Season to you all - from our barn to yours!

Hope everyone is safe this holiday season.

Greetings from Saltriver performance horses.