Saturday, November 14, 2009

Clevedon A&P Show

Phew thank goodness thats over. Like our nice big classes? There was 16 in the Standardbred rings at Clevedon so the challenge was on. Star was a good little boy. Very well behaved in the ring (ok we wont mention outside the ring - it was all too exciting - and what are those little tiny horse things over there?). We got 2 2nds. First one was for Best Presented and the other was for Walk/Trot/Halt.

The Judge seemed to have liked the big boofy type of horses and the ones with the more roman nose which we all know Star isnt. The ones that won the 'Best Head' which surely Star should have done well in had the a-typical roman noses and big jug heads. Its all up to what the judge likes on the day isnt it. Even though 8 horses could have been called in for Champion & Reserve only 4 were and Star was one of those so we got pretty close. Hopefully Franklin & Kumeu the judge likes a finer looking horse.
Would also like to thank Candice for doing a lovely job and making his tail look all pretty too

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KA said...

WOW Jenny, he looks fantastic!!! Well done to you both :o)